3.604.932 €
SQM 680 - 822   SQFT    7, 320 - 8,848      PLOT SIZE:  S Q M  1,005 - 1,669 ;   S Q F T   10,818 - 17,965 





Located in a prime location, Esmeralda Villas offer a truly luxurious living experience. Nestled amidst stunning landscapes, these residences provide a serene and idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Esmeralda Villas has been thoughtfully designed to offer the utmost comfort and elegance. The interiors are a true testament to luxury living, with high-end finishes and impeccable craftsmanship evident in every detail. Each villa boasts a spacious layout, complemented by tasteful furnishings and modern amenities.


To ensure the ultimate relaxation experience, Esmeralda Villas offer state-of-the-art steam and sauna rooms. Immerse yourself in the soothing steam or indulge in the detoxifying benefits of a sauna session, allowing the stresses of the day to melt away. In the basement, a home theatre invites you to escape into a world of entertainment, creating a cinematic experience like no other.


The location of Esmeralda Villas is truly unmatched. Situated within close proximity to a wide range of activities and attractions, you'll have plenty of options to explore and enjoy. From pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife to world-class shopping and exquisite dining, the surrounding area offers a plethora of experiences to suit every taste.


Esmeralda Villas is a project designed by Automobiliti Lamborghini, known for their commitment to creating exceptional living spaces. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Lamborghini design, these villas showcase a harmonious blend of sleek lines, modernity, and sophistication. The attention to detail and the use of premium materials reflect the high standards and luxury associated with the Lamborghini brand.


Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of luxury and indulgence at Esmeralda Villas. Whether you seek tranquility or adventure, these residences offer the perfect haven for an unforgettable experience. Escape to paradise and make every day feel like a summer day in the Esmeralda Villas.




Premium 24/7 security services I Gated community I Each villa within Tierra Viva comes with its own built private pool





Founded in 1963, Automobili Lamborghini is the epitome of luxury super sports cars, renowned for their innovative technology and futuristic design. Hailing from Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, Lamborghini embodies Italian excellence and craftsmanship dating back to its humble beginnings.

The true essence of Lamborghini DNA is brought to life in this architectural marvel, showcasing a fusion of futuristic and elegant design. The building's exterior reflects the sleek lines and bold aesthetics of the iconic supercars, while the interiors are inspired by the interior designs of Lamborghini cars, exuding unmatched craftsmanship and passion.

Just as each Lamborghini is a work of art, this architectural project also represents a masterpiece that combines cutting-edge technology and attention to detail. From the sleek curves to the use of premium materials, every aspect of the building reflects the spirit and soul of Lamborghini.

Step inside, and you will be immersed in a world of luxury and sophistication, where the Lamborghini lifestyle is seamlessly integrated into every element. Whether it's the sleek and aerodynamic furniture or the use of high-quality materials, the interiors transport you into the realm of super sports cars.

Lamborghini's commitment to innovation, design excellence, and unrivaled performance shines through in this architectural project, paying homage to the brand's heritage and its continuous pursuit of automotive perfection. The myth of Lamborghini lives on, inspiring enthusiasts and leaving a lasting legacy in the world of luxury and innovation.


Indulge in the Height of Exclusivity at Benahavis, Marbella: Immerse Yourself in the Lap of Luxury


Experience pure luxury at Esmeralda Villas


Discover the ultimate luxury experience in Benahavis, Marbella. Indulge in perfection



Benahavís is known as one of the wealthiest municipalities in Spain, thanks to its collection of luxurious golf clubs and resorts that surround the area. In recent years, it has emerged as one of the most desirable locations on the Costa del Sol to invest in property, offering a natural haven of peace and beauty within easy reach of Marbella. With its scenic surroundings and exclusive amenities, Benahavís attracts discerning buyers looking for a high-end lifestyle and a thriving real estate market. This idyllic municipality offers a unique combination of tranquility, natural landscapes, and access to world-class golf courses, making it a prime destination for those seeking luxury and sophistication on the Costa del Sol.

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